The Ultimate Trail Riding Clinics
August 7 - 17, 2015
R-Ranch in the Sequoias
Lot's of LEARNING...
           Lot's of RIDING...
                     Lot's of FUN ...
....for the Entire Family !!!
....for the Entire Family !!!
Floating or Rafting 
   the Beautiful Kern River....
Hiking and Mountain Biking....
Whether you're a beginner wanting to gain knowledge about proper riding or an accomplished rider wanting to refine your horsemanship skills,

"Ride on Trails Where There Ain't No Trails" 
is for you. 

You don't even need to have your own horse !

Horses were made to be ridden outdoors and proper preparation is key to enjoying your time on the trail and progress as a rider.

We'll demonstrate what you need to know and teach you to successfully overcome the challenges and obstacles you will face along the way.  We'll help you realize the many layers of finesse utilizing seat, hands, legs and shoulders. Through our in-depth clinic we'll help you to better understand how clear communication effects your horse’s response and ultimately become a more effective rider. 

You’ll learn how to: read your horse’s personality and body language by understanding a horse's psychology; the importance of catching your horse anywhere, anytime; handling your lead rope and rein management; disengage the hindquarters; direct and drive forward and over obstacles; determine saddle fit; bridle your horse correctly; mount properly; achieve lateral and vertical flexion; find your centered seat; back; stop at all gaits using your seat position and body; leg yielding and overcoming trail obstacles, identifying the movements and feel of leads and lead changes; refine your balance; move all three parts of the horse (front, middle, hind) and much more!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, the real excitment begins by riding everyday and applying what you've learned by navigating the nautral landscape of the Sequoia National Forest !

                        LIMITED SPACE - SIGN UP NOW  !
Come for the Weekend or Come for the Week!
Cowboy Boot Camp® will be conducting 2 clinics:
Friday thru Sunday, August, 7th - 9th 
Monday thru Friday, August, 10th - 14th
Saturday, August 15th - Ranch Celebration & Annual Shootout

"Ride on Trails Where There Ain't No Trails" TM
Cowboy Boot Camp® is a registered trademark of Cowboy Boot Camp, LLC
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and plenty of Safe Riding for the kids too!
BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE !!!     THERE'S A GUNFIGHT TOO!                                                       
You're also invited to dress up and play cowboy by participating in our annual
"Shootout on the Streets of Johnsondale"
 on Saturday, August 15th !!