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Learn to ride on trails, where there "ain't" no trails in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest
Natural Horsemanship
What Every Horse Wants His Owner to Know TM

At Cowboy Boot Camp, we have developed a unique program to teach a thorough and practical approach to natural horsemanship and trail riding safety to strengthen your horsemanship skills and increase your confidence.
Not designed as a pony camp or week-long cram session, at Cowboy Boot Camp we offer step-by-step techniques each day along with monthly clinics focused on subjects that will enhance your horsemanship fundamentals.  
Attend as often as you like because, "the more you're here, the more you'll learn."  
Unfortunately, this has become the "term du jour" of late.  Our efforts are aimed more toward enhancing a horse's natural instincts, rather than dominating and 
suppressing them.  We never ask anything of a horse that a horse would not do in nature.  "It is up to us to understand them and determine what they tend to do in any given situation and then use techniques that closely conform to their natural instincts."
What Every Horse Wants You to Know Tour 
Cowboy Boot Camp is hitting the road !
We are conducting 2-day clinics that offer an overview of each of our monthly topics including:

    Ground Work     Grooming     Nutrition     Emergency Vet
    Care & Maintenance     Equine Dental     Farrier Workshop
    Horse & Sensibility     Tack Fitting     Applying Cues & Aids
    Understanding Gaits, Balance & Self Carriage

If you or your group is interested in offering a Cowboy Boot Camp clinic, give us a call !
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