Ride & Learn Western Horsemanship in the picturesque South Bay community of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California.  

Membership includes monthly workshops and demonstrations by top veterinarians, farriers and other equine professionals.
We combine riding and training skills in arena sessions as well as on the trail.
Learn how your actions, in and out of the saddle affect your mount.  Develop confidence and a compassionate understanding of a horse's physiology, abilities and limitations.
Cowboy Boot Camp®
 schedule include:
- Understanding Bits
- Emergency Vet Clinic
- Understanding Groundwork
- Horse Psychology 101
- Confidence Building
- Correct Tack & Saddle Fittings
- Grooming & Body Shaving
- Horse Anatomy
- Basic Roping Techniques
- Trail Riding
- Correct Balance
- Gymkhana 
- Cattle work
- And much more.....
Cowboy Boot Camp® Members are also offered the opportunity to join us on destination rides and overnight trailrides at various locations such as Sequoia National Forest, the wine country and many other places.

For Horseback Riding Info & Reservations
Numerous clinics are also offered throughout Southern California and Cowboy Boot Camp® members get to participate during the demonstrations.
"A Bit Understanding" is a clinic where we explain the different styles of bits, demonstrate its uses and how it will effect the horse.
Members hone skills from proper tacking to equine care and maintenance to rider/horse safety.  Not designed as a pony camp or a week-long cram session, "Cowboy Boot Campers" learn at their own speed depending upon their own time, availability and means.
Offered daily, COWBOY BOOT CAMP® caters to those men and women who dream of owning their own horse in the future, want to develop better riding proficiency or just want to learn "Cowboy."
Cowboy Boot Camp is a   registered trademark of 
Equine Experiences & Cowboy Boot Camp, LLC
Stable located in:
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
Call: 310-872-9421 or Email: CowboyBootCamp@gmail.com
Cowboy Boot Camp®